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Kristian Harloff’s “Catching Fire” Is Amiable, but Rambling

In response to Kristian Harloff’s video review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Schmoes Know

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Existimatum and the Schmoes Knows bros have had some fun moments of contentiousness in the past as some of their reviews simply haven’t passed the sniff test (that’s an opening for a joke guys).

Kristian Harloff and his partner, Mark Ellis, are extremely likable presenters and they prove it again in their video review, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review (By the Schmoes).”

They follow the original Siskel and Ebert formula of a sit-down discussion of the film and there’s undeniable chemistry between the two, especially when they disagree.

The problem here is that they seem to have no agenda, which, in a lengthy seven minute video, means the criticisms tend to turn into rambling, directionless chatter.

They do sufficiently cover the actor’s performances (and their chemistry), but there’s little mention of the direction, the writing, or the production design, which is astounding given the vast space they’ve granted themselves for critique. It’s also an unforgivable omission.

Compounding the problem is the fact that Ellis has read the book so lucky viewers get assailed with the irrelevant and annoying comparisons between novel and film.

With a little tightening up, and some talking points to keep them on track, the Schmoes could deliver something great. Until then, there are better offerings out there.    

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