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Walls’ “Wayhomer Reviewer” Unique in Style, Needs Work in Content

In response to Widgett Walls’s video review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Widgett Walls’ “Wayhomer Reviewer #161: Kick-Ass 2“has the astounding opportunity to be the new face of review format style yet fails to clear the hurdles it has set up for itself.

Readers are viewers here and if they want to watch the review in its entirety, they’ll have to set aside 15 minutes and 15 seconds of their time. They’ll also have to prepare themselves for bouts of repetitiveness.

Walls informs viewers that his video format is to “save time” but the only time he’s concerned about saving his own. Instead of composing well-rounded, coherent thoughts, viewers are instead bombarded with tangents that don’t belong in a review. There is absolutely no concern for the time of the viewers here.

The review style is not all to blame in this case, and could potentially be used to great effect.  If Walls could speak with a clear point and stay on task without dragging it out too long, then he could really become a talent to watch.  

The actual page format is not bad. The movie still is a different choice than what readers may have seen included with other reviews and it ties into the website name perfectly.

Walls is a reviewer that audiences should keep on their radar. While there are several kinks with this particular video review, he has a boatload of potential to move up the ranks in the future.    

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