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Gilchrist’s “‘Gravity’ Review” Crashes to Earth Under Its Own Excess

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 728‑word review of Gravity on The Wrap

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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Gravity’ Review: Sandra Bullock Shines in Alfonso Cuaron’s Poetic Tale” offers plenty of detail, but in the end, it is excess detail, and it causes the work to flounder.

Its 728-word length is a bit on the heavy side for a feature of this sort, but repetition and overblown word choices make it seem twice as long. The audience is told to expect a “virtuoso technical achievement” and a “powerfully visceral cinematic experience” in the same breath.

Either description would have sufficed, and each could have used an adjective fewer. The obsession with adverbs throughout the work, an average of nearly one per sentence, is pedestrian.

Overlong sentences mar some lovely descriptions that the reader could relish if he or she were given the chance to pause and reflect before bombarded by the next dramaticsuperfluous, or paralyzing thought. It’s a shame that, with so much creative flair, Gilchrist seems utterly unable to rein himself in.

What could have been an effervescent masterpiece instead becomes so unrestrained that it induces synesthesia. Gilchrist is the philosophy professor who either wants to impress or enlighten with his vast knowledge, but his class is asleep too quickly to find out which.

‘Gravity’ Review isn’t the worst review out there by a long shot. But neither is it worth the time it’ll take reading and understanding it as it falls closer to earth sentence by interminable sentence.    

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