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Chris Hewitt’s “Chiseled Roles” Has Less Muscle Than an Aging Action Star

In response to Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)’s 357‑word review of Escape Plan on St. Paul Pioneer Press

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Chris Hewitt’s “‘Escape Plan’ review: Stallone and Schwarzenegger should never break out of their chiseled roles” has a surprisingly lengthy title for such a short review. If some of those words had been cut from the title and dedicated to the review itself, it might not come across as an abridged version of a longer review.

As it stands, though, chiseled roles is pretty meager. Sure, a topic like Escape Plan may not warrant as high a word count as films with loftier goals than just having a couple of aging action stars trade quips and punch faces. Still, at 357 words it’s barely worth the effort it takes to load the web page.

Credit where credit is due, though: Hewitt hits the important points of an action movie review. Namely, he discusses the performance of the film’s two big-name stars, how much ass they kick, and whether it’s worth sitting through the rest of the movie to see that ass kicking.

Hewitt provides a pretty compelling argument based on those criteria, and action movie fans will likely find it convincing enough to determine whether or not Escape Plan will be part of their own plans.

In that regard, chiseled roles is a qualified success. The qualification, though, is that readers will likely have forgotten the review mere minutes after they’ve read it.    

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