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No Love Is Lost in Dujsik’s “Kick-Ass 2”, a Sarcastic, Colorful Review

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 745‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik’s “Kick-Ass 2” may not seem like much but it kicks its way through clever wording, keeping it afloat among other reviews. Registering in at a respectable 745 words, Dujsik takes a very sarcastic tone. Readers should read this with that in mind. The jabs that he takes against this movie come to life as he weaves words in a web of insults. Absolutely entertaining!

Dujsik is a crafty wordsmith. He has the ability to describe the plot and characters with a vibrant vocabulary. He doesn’t just pick at the movie and list everything that he hates about it. Instead, he takes the more intelligent approach; the motto for this review could be “slay them with words”.

He does well to bring familiarity to this review as well, as he takes a well known phrase involving eating cake—and customizes it to fit the theme of the movie itself. Instead of just telling the reader that one of the character’s name is “unprintable”, Dujsik instead describes the name in a way that the reader will be able to figure it out. Two brilliant moves that keeps the readers sticking around until the very end.

There is no confusion here; there is no question as to what Dujsik got from this film. The spoilers will turn some away from this otherwise spectacular production. For those that see past that shortcoming, Dujsik makes up for it with his colorful commentary.    

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