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Jolene Mendez Lacks Hustle and Flow in “Review: Gravity”

In response to Jolene Mendez’s 311‑word review of Gravity on Entertainment Spectrum

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The choppy writing of Jolene Mendez is equal to space debris heading towards you in, “GRAVITY Movie Review.”

GRAVITY Movie has a pleasant appearance with two images and a solid background, however the review itself lacks a personal quality and has no sense of style.

While Mendez shows promise with the beginning statement of GRAVITY Movie, the critic follows it up with four blunt sentences, which makes one feel like they are being smacked over the head rather than consuming information.  

Readers may hope that the constant bombardment of short sentences will eventually come to end in GRAVITY Movie, or perhaps to find a comma, but it never happens. It feels like Mendez is saying “And then this happens. And then this happens. And then this happens.” There is a complete lack of fluidity to the words of Mendez, and it’s frustrating because there is so much potential here for a great review.

Another big problem with GRAVITY Movie is the failure to analyze information for the reader, rather than provide one big plot summary. Mendez offers statements like “As time continues on it becomes more terrifying,” and then refuses to expand for her audience.

The critic’s failure to mention director Alfonso Cuaron is the most unforgivable error of this disappointing review. With a large selection of superior titles, skip this one.     

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