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Catherine Shoard Takes the Day Off in “Thor: The Dark World—Review”

In response to Catherine Shoard’s 266‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Observer [UK]

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How was the beach, Catherine Shoard? One will question if the critic had the day off when she wrote “Thor: The Dark World—review.” The pseudo-critique has the feel of a lame e-mail that one will send while on the go. The work is truly a magnificent example of the anti-critique and should be featured in the gallery of Poor Effort.

Shoard kicks off her vacation-criticsim aka World -Review with a quick zinger about Thor and his hammer. It’s a catchy intro that will appeal to most, however the disastrous amount of content that follows will make some attempt to e-trash the review.

What is left for the reader after the intro? One paragraph of snark! It’s all for you reader—cancel your afternoon plans and prepare to become slightly dumber.

One may question if the critic has indeed seen the film due to this hilarious and troubling statement: “Flashier cameos come from Tom Hiddleston’s Loki“—is Loki not a main character?

Hmm. Suspicious. Catherine Shoard writes with energy, but unfortunately the style and content will lead one straight into the wall of criticism. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

World -Review is appalling and offensive. It works only as a cautionary tale.    

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