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Chris Sawin Mostly Gets the Job Done in “Action at Its Most Obsolete”

In response to Chris Sawin’s 677‑word review of Escape Plan on

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With “‘Escape Plan’ review: Action at its most obsolete”, Sawin does a respectable job of giving readers a thoughtful critique of the new Stallone and Schwarzenegger blockbuster.

Critics love to fill space with empty rehashes of the plot, devoting most of their work to synopsizing, but not Sawin. This isn’t a film that needs much explaining and here he sums up the scenario in short order (one paragraph,) leaving the remaining five for an examination of the film.

Sadly, Action at its most obsolete struggles mightily with awkward phrasing and stumbles with a few faux pas. For example, Arnold doesn’t speak “Austrian” in the film—German is the language, Austria is the country. It may come off as nitpicking to call out a reviewer for a cultural mistake in a film review, but it makes you call into question the rigorousness with which Sawin (and Houston Movie Examiner) approaches his craft.  

Still, there is nourishment to be had here, and Sawin argues admirably, making bold and original points that readers will benefit from.  It’s just a shame you’ll have to wade through sub-par prose to get your fill.

To make matters worse, the whole affair is tightly squeezed into a garish pink and grey page where videos play automatically and the large amounts of hyperlinks are a distractingly shade of deep blue. It drags the serviceable review down a few more notches.    

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