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Peter Travers’s “The Counselor” Wonders Why the Pieces Never Came Together

In response to Peter Travers’s 390‑word review of The Counselor on Rolling Stone

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Peter Travers’ “The Counselor” attacks the film’s seemingly unnecessary eccentricity all the while questioning how the ensemble cast, excellent writer, and accomplished director could make a movie such as this.

Travers’s ”The Counselor” too often finds itself recounting the awkwardness of some of the film’s scenes and setups. The writing is unsurprisingly solid with every word chosen deliberately and the pace swift and unforgiving. Travers spares no time in putting his feelings of the film out there for all to see, and from the first paragraph onward there is never a sense that the critic enjoyed the film any more than what his rating would have you believe.

The biggest thing Travers appears to dislike about the film is the meandering philosophical nature of the film, and from this vantage point he does not stray, looking to the film’s weird symbolism as well as other issues. The critic draws a parallel between the manner in which McCarthy writes and seemingly begs the question of whether this adaptation would have been better as a book. It’s all very thoughtful and enlightening.

Travers’s The Counselor is a review you can’t go wrong with. A perfect length and pace will give readers enough time to give it a quick read through before venturing out to the local cineplex.    

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