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Mathew DeKinder’s “Thor Film” Is Self-Obsessed, Packaged Critique

In response to Mathew DeKinder’s 593‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Suburban Journals of St. Louis

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Mathew Dekinder is an admitted “nerd-boy”, and the latest Thor film was a pleasant experience for him. The critic appears to have reached a sense of Marvel zen-like calmness, which unfortunately makes him unaware of how to critique a film for people who haven’t seen it. DeKinder’s self-obsessed, “Review: Second Thor film another entertaining spectacle,” has no concept of the audience and will likely be hurtful to many.

It might take a couple readings of Thor Film to truly understand that DeKinder says almost nothing about the film. In fact, it’s not until the ninth paragraph that the critic addresses the sequel. One can appreciate the build-up and backstory, but DeKinder walks away once he has finished talking about himself.

The analysis in Thor Film is packaged fluff. DeKinder offers a brief mention to the director Alan Taylor and uses a stand-alone sentence to address the visual effects. Characters? Well, the critic resorts to the classic paragraph of obligatory mentions, and provides nothing of value to the lead actors and characters.

The entirety of Thor Film is a perfect introduction for a legitimate review, but DeKinder is only interested in conveying how the film affected him without thinking of his audience. There is almost zero analysis whatsoever, and the poor effort of the critic is quite unbelievable.  

Thor Film is ten minutes of typing and nothing more.    

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