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Julian Roman’s “Ender’s Game” Is an Emotional Story of Youth

In response to Julian Roman’s 590‑word review of Ender’s Game on MovieWeb

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Julian Roman is a master of pronouns as evidenced by his latest work “Ender’s Game: Review By Julian Roman.” There is plenty to enjoy, even if the writing could have been cleaned up. Roman wields a giant “He” hammer that throws down pronouns like nobody’s business.

Review By Julian opens with a highly emotional story of youth and cinematic dreams. The critic takes the reader back to a more innocent time, and allows one to feel the significance of the film’s release. It’s a magical beginning, and audiences will applaud the brave and honest words of Roman.

The critic moves forward with a hefty paragraph of plot summary, however there is nothing special about the writing. It exists, yes, but Roman could have injected a bit of life to build on his strong open. The length is a bonus despite the lack of razzle dazzle.

Review By Julian becomes a bit challenging once the critic begins the analysis. Roman uses the pronoun “he” a lot, and the writing feels a bit disconnected. The content is there, but the critic’s words are quite dull. Readers might do well to search for a Monster energy drink before moving in.

The conclusion of Review By Julian is intriguing, but the writing is once again clunky and extremely choppy. Roman’s prose doesn’t have that sweet flow that allows the reader to become one with the review. It’s more of a “Wham, Bam” experience.    

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