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Steven Boone Comes Out Swinging in “Reviews: Escape Plan”

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Steven Boone comes out swinging in “Reviews: Escape Plan,” which features the critic taking square aim at at a work that “would have been trampled on the writer’s room floor” of an eighties-era action show.

Plenty of good-natured fun-poking ensues in Reviews: Escape Plan, but there’s also a sense here of squandered opportunities and ideas unconsidered in revisiting a couple aging action actors with a combined age somewhere in the 130’s.

Breezing through plot, the work takes five particular snapshots and lays them on a table in list fashion. Some of the images are bizarre, some are hilarious, others confounding. It’s a clever way of handling some finer details that would otherwise have been engineered somehow into longer, coherent paragraphs.

This is not to say Reviews: Escape Plan isn’t coherent: it’s actually brilliantly tight for a medium-to-long readtime of 638 words, and adroit at using illustrative language without coming across as flowery or (worse) bombastic.

Two concepts are juxtaposed at the end in a sort of coda to Boone’s work: the past, in its cable-box, VCR glory; and the future, which sees two old salts fighting the ultimate battle: the twilight of their lives.

In all, Boone’s Reviews: Escape Plan is an extremely effective work, entertaining and original, that audiences will love to read.    

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