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James Luxford’s “Gravity Stuns With 3-D Effects” Is Disappointingly Weak

In response to James Luxford’s 148‑word review of Gravity on The National

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James Luxford’s “Gravity stuns with 3-D effects” is a disappointing and ambitionless piece of criticism that fails to reach for any sort of insight or truth. If the piece were any longer, it would be tedious, but as it is, the 148 words aren’t able to waste that much time.

Luxford strips his review down to the bare essentials in a clear homage to the film that he is reviewing. Gone are the “needless exposition, side plots or characters.” What the critic fails to realize is that while a movie might just be able to survive without those things, a movie review that chooses to strip itself down to nothing is sure to fail.

There is nary an insightful thought or an endearing turn of phrase. Luxford engages in only the most banal comparisons, comparing the work to *gasp* Avatar.

While stuns with 3-D effects is underwhelming and quite ineffective, the writing is surprisingly punchy and brisk. It’s a shame that Luxford doesn’t set his sights any higher than he does here, because it seems likely that he would have been able to hit a more impressive bulls-eye.

Avid fans of criticism will hope that the future holds better products from the promising talent that is barely on display here.    

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