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Luke Y. Thompson Goes Geek Gonzo in “Force of Hobbit”

In response to Luke Y. Thompson’s 1075‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Topless Robot

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Luke Y. Thompson channels a bit of Hunter S. Thompson in “Fanboy Flick Pick: Desolation of Smaug Has the Force of Hobbit.” But where Hunter would wield a button of peyote and a knife, Luke brandishes a bag of Doritos and an action figure.

But the sarcasm, profanity, and humor are in full force here and Thompson clearly values personality and entertainment over erudition in his critiques. This could spell disaster; most critics think they are proficient purveyors of punography, but their attempts often amount to little more than bored groans from their readers.

Not so with Mr. Thompson. Even his absurd tangents (particularly his take on the architectural flaws of Middle Earth) can be forgiven because they are so spot-on hilarious. At 1075 words, this is an bona fide opus, but Thompson keeps the proceedings light throughout and the piece never drags, even as he dissects the minutia that only his fanboy audience cares about.

Sometimes this minutia dissection treads precariously close to Mount Spoiler, though. Thompson describes several scenes in detail and even discusses aspects of the ending, a sin that some fans may find unforgivable.

If you don’t care about the spoilers, this is guaranteed to the be the funniest review you will read for this film.    

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