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Jason Gorber’s Review of “Ender’s Game” Is a Delightful Screed

In response to Jason Gorber’s 910‑word review of Ender’s Game on Twitch

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Jason Gorber’s “Review: ‘Ender’s Game’ Not Worth Playing” is a jaded, bitchy screed that is utterly compelling.

Someone else might have something more to say about Ender’s Game, but none will do it with more wit and panache than Gorber. He gets personal in his review of the film—readers will be happy that he did. By transference, he makes his disappointment ours.

But Gorber doesn’t seem to be without humor. Referring to parts of the book that he supposed filmmakers left out to make the movie more palatable to audiences, Gorber writes that the film “felt part of a whole. A tedious, silly hole, (sic) but a consistent one at that.”

For a lesser critic, readers would brand this a typo; Gorber seems very much, however, to be committing a Freudian slip rather than a typographical error. There is probably some deep dark part of human anatomy to which he’d like to compare this movie, but Gorber’s too classy to make such a crass metaphor or even conceive of one—he leaves that to more puerile writers.

Not Worth Playing won’t win the subject of its review any new fans and lends more credence to the argument that with Katniss Everdeen currently burning up the silver screen, teen science fiction movies are a girl’s game now.    

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