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Jim Judy’s “Gravity” Holds Viewers on Earth With Weighty Words

In response to Jim Judy’s 1288‑word review of Gravity on Screen It!

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The review by Jim Judy titled “Gravity” is long. The layout of the review is impeccable and clear. The different labeled sections “Quick Take,” “Plot,” and “Our Take” are easy on the eyes and provide a simple read.

The “Quick Take” section gives those short glance readers the chance to glean the necessary information they wanted.

The “Plot” section adds just a little more solid information for the viewers that continue in their read.

The trouble emerges upon reaching Judy’s “Our Take” section of the review. This portion, while holding honest and relevant opinions, also is full of tangents and a novel of a section. This section begins with a rather long side story about Judy’s childhood, which is interesting for a journal entry but fails to hold complete pertinence to this piece.

The writing is well thought out and structured. There are few to no grammatical errors; none of which would prove a distraction. The arguments provide both positive and negative feedback sandwiched with evidence, proving Judy’s point. The section simply goes on too long and Judy loses readers along the way.

A review of length does not a good review make. If viewers have the time needed to read it, it will give strong and honest opinion in double the amount of words necessary.    

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