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Gary Thompson’s “Well-Played” Is Arguably Worse Than Other Philly Review

In response to Gary Thompson’s 418‑word review of Ender’s Game on Philadelphia Daily News

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Philadelphia is currently in a state of mourning after two brutal Ender’s Game reviews from their much-adored critics, Steven Rea and Gary Thompson.

Rea offered his horrified fans a film summary (literally), and now Gary Thompson has come up with the brutal “Ender’s Game: Well-played, mostly.”

It only takes on reading of Well-played to acknowledge the fact that Thompson has managed to put words together. It’s not apparent what the true intention was, and perhaps the critic was just looking  forward to time out of the office and decided to save real critique for another day. There is really nothing of value in the disastrous review.

While Rea almost spent his entire review summarizing the plot of the film, Thompson does manage to produce a few original thoughts on “interesting passages.” One may feel enlightened to learn that Asa Butterfield’s lead performance is “pretty good.” The critique may remind one of the classic Truffaut character studies prior to his career as a director.

Well-played comes across like Thompson might have been busy, and decided to have one of his friends who saw the film take a shot at the ol’ film criticsm thing. The image header is incredibly creepy, which is sadly not the worst part of the review. It’s all a bit depressing, and the final flimsy paragraphs are beyond offensive.

Gary Thompson may be heard yelling “But there is a little bit of critique!”

“Well-played, Philadelphia critics.” —Nobody   

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