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Duralde’s “The World’s End’ Review: 12 Pints of Laughs, Heartbreak and Male Menopause” a Homerun

In response to Alonso Duralde’s 640‑word review of The World's End on The Wrap

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Alonso Duralde’s “The World’s End’ Review: 12 Pints of Laughs, Heartbreak and Male Menopause” adds a twist of uniqueness that shows up at the end. Since this review is a must-read, you should look forward to it.  

This film has a pretty huge plot twist and Duralde masterfully avoids giving it away. He even suggests to the readers not to watch the trailer to preserve the element of surprise. Duralde is clearly a critic who both loves film and loves his audience.

The overall flow of this review is nothing short of smooth. Real smooth. Duralde has the gift of gab and his storytelling mode is on. He seamlessly segues from the plot to the more “behind the scenes” aspects of the film’s writers without missing a beat.

It would’ve been oh-so-easy to get stumped on what to say next without spilling the beans but Duralde apparently has limitless talent.  He pulls it off without seeming to break a sweat.

If readers enjoyed reading the words of Duralde, then they’re sure to enjoy the video review he’s included at the end. This is a nice addition to an already well-rounded review. Here the audience can see and hear Duralde give a quick outline of his review.

The spoilers that Duralde worked so hard to keep hidden away sneak out slightly in the video review but they are images rather than actual spoken words, so the context is still left up to viewer imagination. With such care, content, and craftsmanship, this review is a homerun.    

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