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“Visually Stunning Ender’s Game” Stylish to a Fault, Foo

In response to Dann Gire’s 143‑word review of Ender’s Game on Daily Herald (IL)

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As quick and perfunctory as a barrage of text messages, “Visually stunning Ender’s Game” by Dann Gire keeps its form short and succinct for the reader with a fleeting attention span. Its language is riddled with some form of hip hop speak; Gire treats his audience to a funky spin on “the skies” with “da-skies,” and examples like this are spread throughout his critique.

Gire attempts to communicate with the self-conscious teenagers who would go see this movie in their own mysterious dialect, a feat no adult has accomplished. As commendable as Gire’s attempts are, he tries far too hard, and to dubious effects.

Thankfully, writing in such a staccato style allows one to breeze through to the sudden and unsatisfying end with ease, and it must be said that Gire’s ultimate views are commendable, however muddled in questionable stylistic choices they may be.

The review ends quite abruptly with a non-sequitur, leaving readers unexpectedly in a galaxy far far away. Also, a long time ago. It’s a failed attempt to setup some future crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the film at hand that equates to nothing short of a full face plant inches from the finish line.


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