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David Edwards’ REVIEW: A Delightful Look at ‘Thor 2’ Minus Spoilers! Yes!

In response to David Edwards’s 217‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Daily Mirror [UK]

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One of the more annoying aspects of reading movie reviews is dealing with writers who reveal most of the plot in addition to trashing the film. David Edwards does neither of these things, with his review of Thor: The Dark World enjoyable for fans of the franchise and newbies alike.  

Instead of giving away major plot twists or berating the director and producers for focusing too much on action sequences or visuals, Edwards instead stresses the humor of the film. Most critics lampoon movies such as Thor for the aforementioned action/visuals, and such criticism is usually worse when the movie is a sequel.  

The only criticism found here is Edwards disappointment at how “underused” the lovely Ms. Portman is, as well as actor Chris O’Dowd.  

Edwards finds what most fail to see at first glance when watching a comic book film: the humor. Stan Lee, who often cameos in the film adaptations of his comic books, knows something about tongue-in-cheek humor, as it peppers his work  along with commentary on various social injustices. This reviewer’s acknowledgement of the humor in both Thor movies is certainly something to cheer about, and fans who read the review will undoubtedly appreciate his, uh, appreciation.  

Someone should also buy Edwards a drink for not spoiling the plot of the movie!    

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