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Mike McGranaghan Tells Tales of 3D and Myology in “Gravity”

In response to Mike McGranaghan’s 742‑word review of Gravity on Aisle Seat

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Mike McGranaghan always conducts his work in the style of true gentleman, and his latest “The Aisle Seat—Gravity”, exudes class and humility.

“Gravity” is introduced to the public with a satisfactory tale, albeit one that has been heard many times over. McGranaghan’s words are undoubtedly honest and true, however questionable film references will distract from the broader picture conveyed by the critic.

One must discuss the appearance in regard to “Gravity.” McGranaghan has clearly not reached image greatness. The visual offering consists of only one small movie poster image. Audiences will be shocked by the possibility that it might not even be high quality.

McGranaghan’s storytelling in “Gravity” succeeds with vivid phrasing and a frightful tale of myology. The critic takes a personal approach through most of the review, and is able to communicate the general sense of the film and how one may react.

Readers will lose themselves in thought during the critic’s outstanding analysis of the lead character. McGranaghan is able to connect with a piercing examination on the physical movements of one who may be destroyed by space. Buckle up for a fantastic voyage that even Coolio couldn’t dream of.

“Gravity” will entertain, inspire discussion and is a necessary read.    

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