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Keith Uhlich Embraces Smaug and Runs From Critique in “Movie Review”

In response to Keith Uhlich’s 415‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Time Out New York

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Keith Uhlich is a razzle dazzle aficionado in the Smaugtastic “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: movie review”, however the actual critique will only make one whimper out “Smaug?”

LOTR fanboys will enjoy the intoxicating prose of the Uhlinator, however the description-review may cause connoisseurs to let out lengthy sighs during long walks in a the park.

Uhlich is in firm control early on in Movie Review by offering a hypnotic header image along with a potent opening paragraph that drops context all over the curious reader.

Movie Review is a play-by-play of the main plot, and Uhlich fails to offer any critical analysis of the film. In other words, he refrains from producing critique.

Peter Jackson is essentially described as making the film more abundant, and Uhlich sizzles by noting how the director orchestrates “all manner of chaos like a master conductor unleashing his fanboy id.” Hobbit chat rooms will light up with excitement due to this Smaugerrific statement.

Unfortunately, Movie Review is just another sub five-hundred-word summary that doesn’t offer much analysis. Uhlich stands apart from puny reviews by providing entertaining Uhlisms, but his early fanboy self-reference may lead the common reader to believe that K. U. has been deeply affected by Smaug in a bad way.

Movie Review is an entertaining summary of the plot. Keith Uhlich details what you can expect, but doesn’t offer any deep criticism that one can reflect upon for hours and hours.    

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