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Peter Bradshaw’s “‘Romeo and Juliet’—Review” Starves For—Anything!

In response to Peter Bradshaw’s 167‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Guardian [UK]

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Peter Bradshaw’s “‘Romeo and Juliet’ – review: If only someone would pop a Luhrmann-style cap in the ass of this conservative Shakespeare adaptation” is a ridiculously short review with completely malnourished motive and style. The subtitle and the last sentence are the only morsels of import in this 167 word review: otherwise, it should be immediately placed into the movie review institution for content anorexia.

Bradshaw tells the reader about the setting, the costumes, the background of the actor’s who play in the film, and a couple of criticisms that are grievously underfed. The reader isn’t offered any plot or main character information whatsoever.

Not only does Romeo and Juliet – review suffer from malnutrition; it suffers from dehydration as well!

The grammar errors—and one particularly frightening spelling error—are destined to further make readers wonder about the lack of time and effort Bradshaw put into writing the review. Plus, he communicates with a writing voice that is so quivering with cheekiness, readers may feel assaulted by his nonchalant, egotistical assumption that anyone could possibly care what he says with such sparing energy.

As a result, the reader may not care to expend the energy to think about popping a cap in Bradshaw for writing such a feeble review.    

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