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Matt Patches “Counselor Guns” Is Almost Next-Level

In response to Matt Patches’s 898‑word review of The Counselor on IGN Movies

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Matt Patches is a modern cowboy of reviews in his latest work “The Counselor Review: Lawyers, Guns & Money.” The critic rides slowly through the vast land of McCarthytown and drops knowledge bombs left and right until one can only say “Patches is in town.”

Patches is indeed in town, but one may feel that the critic didn’t stay long enough after delivering brief but poignant observations.

Lawyers, Guns & Money. has Hall of Fame visuals. It’s almost like a dream as the large faces of the characters look at the reader silently saying “Are you ready to learn about me?” One might even learn about themselves along the way.

The opening paragraph of Lawyers, Guns & Money.  won’t blow your hair back, but Patches begins nicely and makes a clear thesis statement to build on.

Though Patches puts together a fantastic review, his loyal fans will wish that he could somehow take his game to the next level. The critic is careful to note all the main players and plot devices, but the paragraphs don’t feel long enough to truly offer a comprehensive take on the film.

Patches does a lot of describing in Lawyers, Guns & Money.  and then offers a few thoughts of analysis. The organization is tight, and the writing will bring a smile to the reader’s face, but the analysis could be improved. Most readers desire critique that investigates the motivations of characters, rather than identifying interesting traits.

Lawyers, Guns & Money.  is quite good, but not necessarily essential reading.    

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