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Mike Scott’s “A Storytelling Marvel” Is Review Poetry

In response to Mike Scott’s 965‑word review of Gravity on Times-Picayune

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Mike Scott has channeled great literary minds to create a magnificent piece of art with “Gravity movie review: Five-star movie is both a technical feat and a storytelling marvel.” Warning: the reader will surely break down in tears after first reading.

Storytelling marvel opens with a memorable anecdote about the truth of early reviews, and a profound statement on the critic’s general thoughts. It’s a brilliant opening paragraph that will gently hook the audience with care.

One may expect a steady flow of equally constructed paragraphs in storytelling marvel, however Mike Scott refuses to limit his supply of information to the basics. The paragraphs become bigger and more rich with analysis on the director and cast.

The poetic words set the reader alongside the director as he contemplates what his audience desires. It is a transcending moment of the review, as one can image being inside the proverbial helmet of Cuaron. Mission accomplished, Mike Scott.

The content of the plot summary in storytelling marvel is breathtaking. The critic shows an immense amount of respect for not only the reader, but for the cast by examining the lead roles with great details. Scott refuses to offer the classic cookie-cutter plot summary, and lets his words run free with dazzling insight.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of storytelling marvel is the critic’s ability to address the final shot without spoiling anything for the audience. Scott has created something special, and one must experience the read at least once in their life.    

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