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John Beifuss’s “High Fascism” Unleashes Image Assault on Innocent Readers

In response to John Beifuss’s 898‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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The latest artistic endeavor of John Beifuss, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—A Review: High Fashion & High Fascism,” is a highly disturbing, massive image assault with a devastating lack of critique. The aggressive title may actually be the best part of the review.

Beifuss drops eleven images on the audience in High Fascism, which unfortunately doesn’t allow the average reader to properly process the content. The true horror of the review is that the content is quite bad, and one may feel slightly dirty and offended after the experience.

Does Beifuss produce a little bit of critique in High Fascism? Yes, but that does not mean it’s a bonus or something to get excited about. Critique should be found in a movie review. The biggest problem of the piece is not the bombardment of images, but the complete refusal of the critic to explore the performances or direction.

Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the franchise, but Beifuss manages to only come up with “excellent” to describe her performance. He does tease at the possibility of an Oscar nomination, but stops there. The critic also hypes Woody Harrelson for an Oscar, but doesn’t say why. Direction? Francis Lawrence is mentioned once, however Beifuss fails to offer any commentary on the director’s work. A few closing thoughts on the visuals will please readers, but there is simply not enough analysis to make one forget about ImageFest 2013.    

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