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Adam Lee Davies’s “Thor: The Dark World Review” Is Lightning in a Bottle

In response to Adam Lee Davies’s 687‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Little White Lies

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Norse gods. Evil elves. Crimson space goo.

There are some silly elements at play in Adam Lee Davies’s “Thor: The Dark World Review,” but somehow with Davies at the helm they all make total sense. Drawing on an impressive knowledge of recent film history, Davies successfully contextualizes all the goings on in Thor: The Dark World, making them downright understandable to the reader. That’s no easy feat.

What’s even more impressive is that Davies pulls all this off while having a smashing good time, poking a little bit of fun at the proceedings without ever being overly snarky or dismissive. He has a keen sense of what does and does not work in a film adapted from a comic book, and he uses that to his advantage in conveying to the readers what they themselves might find to like and dislike about the film based on their own expectations.

It’s some of the smaller touches that make the review, too: a trailer for the movie is only a click away but is not thrust upon the reader in a way that overwhelms the text. The three-factor rating system of “Anticipation,” “Enjoyment,” and “In Retrospect” is refreshingly unconventional and enhances the review rather than being a cheap gimmick.

“Thor: The Dark World Review” won’t be for everyone. Some of the references might be lost on those who haven’t already immersed themselves in the genre. For everyone else, though, it is like mana from the heavens.    

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