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Joshua Rothkopf’s “Revew: Gravity” Is a Space Fugazi

In response to Joshua Rothkopf’s 196‑word review of Gravity on Time Out New York

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The framework is in place for Joshua Rothkopf’s “Gravity: movie review,” however the reader will gently float into the review abyss with no content to cling on to.  

Years from now, Review: Gravity will be remembered as the abandoned Joshua Rothkopf piece. The critic’s deft arrangement of words will certainly intrigue, and may immediately make the art relevant to some, however the review connoisseur will feel the absence of a deeper truth in the work.

Rothkopf will polarize readers by the brazen shortness of Review: Gravity, and the Kubrick reference will undoubtedly spark discussion among scholars. One has to ask: is the Kubrick reference an easy way to connect with the audience?

The critic may have been able to win over the general reader with one reference to the great director, however two references reveal the sad truth to the reader. The review is a fake.

The biggest problem with Review: Gravity is that one may question whether Rothkopf has actually seen the film, due to little content and vague descriptions.  

Review: Gravity fails to look after the reader and offers little more than one will find on the movie poster. The poor content and imagination of the critic make this review a forgettable space odyssey.    

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