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Poor Font Game and Pure Energy Battle in Dustin Putman’s “Review: Gravity”

In response to Dustin Putman’s 937‑word review of Gravity on

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One can feel the force and relentless energy in Dustin Putman’s, “Review: Gravity (2013).”

Review: Gravity becomes a space calamity early on with tiny font that looks like stars sprinkled across the black great beyond. In addition, the pictures are tiny, and most will be annoyed by the strain put on the eyes.

After the initial visual discombobulation, Review: Gravity begins with a powerhouse opening paragraph that is written with intense vigor. Words jump from the page, and Putman provides a complete background on the director Alfonso Cuaron. The reader will be entertained, educated and tantalized.

After a brief plot synopsis, the critic moves on with a rich examination of the plot. Despite informing the reader that they will benefit from a lack of information in the trailer, Putman proceeds to point all of the fine details about Sandra Bullock’s character, which readers will most certainly find offensive. It’s a questionable move, and one will ponder why Putman would even contemplate the idea.

Putman finds redemption in the final glorious paragraph of Review: Gravity. The critic closes out with a tremendous combination of slick intellect, dynamic points on the film’s genre effect, and an overall entertaining conclusion for the reader.

Despite being heavy in words, all of the paragraphs feel like giant run-on sentences. Perhaps Putman could have composed himself and given the review another read before publishing.

Ultimately, Review: Gravity reaches out to the readers and connects.    

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