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Matt Neal’s “The World’s End” Is a Catastrophic Tornado of Randomness

In response to Matt Neal’s 622‑word review of The World's End on The Standard

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“The World’s End” review written by Matt Neal provides readers with a randomly scattered opinion piece. The review starts with a rather dramatic opening of comparing films that are released in pairs. He dabbles in several examples of two films of the same thematic plot line emerging at the same time and gives an intro into how “The World’s End” similarly correlates to “This is the End.”

This immediately seems a curious way to start. The headline specifically only mentions “The World’s End.” But  readers are patient, and are intent on collecting themselves from the sharp turn this review takes and are determined to buckle in to read the comparison.

This contrast never comes to fruition. Instead of leading into one film to contrast it to the next, Neal begins discussing another set of films, this time the trilogy wherein “The World’s End” originates.

After several sentences reminiscing about these previously released films, the reader finds themselves yearning—nay, begging—Neal for any information about the actual film being discussed. This review finally delivers in the best way he saw fit; discussing choreographed fight scenes, the 90’s soundtrack, and why this series should be shown in schools.

This review really finds a perfect audience in all those who throw fluid thought structure to the wind and have short attention spans.           

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