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Miraudo’s “The Mindy Project—Kick Ass 2 Review” Is a Dazzling Love Story

In response to Simon Miraudo’s 761‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Quickflix

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Simon Miraudo’s “The Mindy project—Kick Ass 2 review” is a heartwarming love story that dazzles the readers with its obsession for one character in particular. This review finds its focal point from the very beginning and rarely strays away from it.

The writing of Miraudo is alive and practically jumps off the screen with his admiration for this character. There is little doubt which character and which parts of this movie were his favorites.

Miraudo has a knack for using a vibrant vocabulary as he describes his favorite moments which makes this a fun review to read.

Readers should be prepared, however, to experience a slew of spoilers. Miraudo gets swept away at times and is blinded by his passion as he carelessly exposes the readers’ eyes to pivotal information about the movie’s plot. Colorfully entertaining or not, more consideration for the reader would go a long way in this arena.

The readability of this review is exceptional. The expressive nature of Miraudo’s words is impossible to ignore. Readers will enjoy his banter and use of satire as he makes his points. The inclusion of some laugh out loud moments punctuate this review and will leave readers feeling extremely satisfied.    

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