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Dave White’s “Fifty Shades of Old and Grey” Scores Despite Cynicism

In response to Dave White’s 584‑word review of Nebraska on

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Dave White’s “The Review: ‘Nebraska’ Is Fifty Shades of Old and Grey, in a Good Way” is a wonderful experience, though you won’t expect it after reading the first paragraph. White starts things off with a pessimistic description of the state of independent movie making. The cynicism risks flavoring the entire work with the distinct taste of faux-superiority. It thankfully shifts gears and plows on to a largely satisfying piece of criticism.

White has a wonderful habit of focusing on a film’s themes and the efficacy with which they connect with the audience. This makes a movie like Nebraska a perfect fit for his writing style. The pieces come together in a very satisfying whole as White outlines what the film is about, and what lessons one might take away from it.

He doesn’t skimp on the real people either. The main players each get a turn to feature in White’s writing, their nuances coming to light in clear, illuminating sentences. Using the standard parenthetical asides to connect the actor to his character, White goes the extra mile to squeeze in some real laughs at these otherwise mechanical points.

Though his indie-bashing pops up briefly in a few other places, the review is mostly positive and agreeable. It’s illuminating and heartbreaking, a work that takes on a life of its own.    

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