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Jim Judy’s “ENDER’S GAME” Is a Rambling, Disjointed Mess

In response to Jim Judy’s 1398‑word review of Ender’s Game on Screen It!

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There’s not much to praise in Jim Judy’s “ENDER’S GAME.” It’s long winded in all the worst ways and Judy struggles to find a consistent tone, a coherent premise, or even much actual critique.

Part of the problem is the way everything is arranged. The review is divided into sections, which could work, but the execution is off. Starting with the “Quick Take,” which leads you to believe this will be a one line verdict of the film but actually turns out to be a summary of the plot. Which leads you to the next section, “PLOT,” which is a 302 word summary of the plot. Judy finally arrives at the final section, “Our Take,” whose title holds the promise of some actual critique.

Unfortunately, Judy makes readers suffer through another 300+ words of meandering prose detailing his experience with video games and playing “cops and robbers” as a kid. How this all connects to Ender’s Game is still a mystery. The critic seems to be including personal stories in an attempt to be folksy, but it’s not working.

All this rambling means readers will have to slog through 700 words of needless nonsense before getting to any real critique. Which may be fine, because Judy has dropped the ball in that regard as well.

Stay away from this one.    

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