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Julian Roman’s “Thor” Is Somewhere in Purgatory

In response to Julian Roman’s 508‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on MovieWeb

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Julian Roman’s “Thor: The Dark World Review” may have some atoning to do because it’s stuck in purgatory. Which of the nine realms is that? Whichever one has the souls of mediocre, mistake-filled pieces of writing flitting about trying to earn their wings.

Roman’s work does do some good deeds by offering a few valid opinions. There’s a “deeper dynamic between the brothers,” “Hiddleston brings a suave nuance to the performance,” while “Hemsworth is buff and brooding as Thor.”

Aside from this, readers are given little on which to hang their hammers. Roman mostly offers fanboy ruminations, making statements that really offer no insight into the film. Statements like “I can’t say I was disappointed by anything, but I do hope the next Thor film will be a bit more substantial” does not count as legitimate critique because it makes a statement but doesn’t tell readers why or give evidence to back it up.

There’s a considerable amount of proofreading needed here, as Roman makes grammatical errors with a frequency not befitting a professional critic.

Be warned: he’s also spoiled a major aspect of the film (for super fans, at least) by revealing the cameo of another Marvel hero.    

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