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Jason Best’s “Asa Butterfield’s….” Is Conveying Opinion, Misfired

In response to Jason Best’s 253‑word review of Ender’s Game on Movie Talk

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It’s not a terrible review by any means. It just tries too hard.

Jason Best’s latest work, “Asa Butterfield’s space cadet holds the future in his hands”, is a literary jaunt that attempts to explore and explain the source material. Unfortunately, it ends up being a foray into the thought process of the reviewer and completely misses the mark in the process.

It’s clear from the outset that the author’s objective is not to enlighten the audience, but to wow them with clever verbage and witty banter. Only he’s bantering with himself. Best spends entirely too much time deciding how to convey his opinion, his delivery suffers. It’s like watching Best’s own neurotic thought process at work as he obsessively tries to choose the most illiterative words he can. His audience is not likely to care much about this. They want his take on the source. Alas, Best undermines that by inadvertently reviewing himself instead.

When formulating an effective review, rule number one is to stay out of the way. The author must understand that they are a vessel for delivering a message, and that the message has nothing to do with them. A certain amount of insight into the author’s views and style preference is a given, even expected. But when they take their readers as far into their heads as Best has, it’s difficult to get back out.

Best could be a great writer someday if he can overcome his own confidence issues. Until then, the audience must sadly play the therapist.    

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