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Marc Bernardin’s “‘Ender’s Game: Film” Provides Far Less Than Full Effect

In response to Marc Bernardin’s 1166‑word review of Ender’s Game on Hollywood Reporter

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Marc Bernardin’s “‘Ender’s Game: Film Review” is a lengthy, blasé review that flirts with meaning, yet like bread that doesn’t rise, ultimately falls flat.

Marc Bernardin writes well. Readers will appreciate his great attention to detail, care for the characters, and plot summary. Yet, what begins as excellent narrative, gives way to a savant style of writing that fails to create connective tissue through relevant, consistent points and examples. By claiming that Ender’s Game is about something that he later claims it isn’t about, Bernardin’s analytical skills become grievously short of analysis and then head straight into the scary place of contradictory viewpoints.

Bernardin continues to vacillate between sharing legitimate information and droning-on with restatements. He attempts, rather pleadingly at times, to bring the reader inside the cockpit of his review, trying to convey depth that just isn’t there. In turn, the reader may never feel like getting on the ship with him in the first place.

The reader will ultimately feel the spot, a little over half-way through, where Ender’s Game: Film Review should have ended, while gazing in retrospect at the amount of time lost reading.

Overall, Bernardin lacks the charisma, writing style, and derring-do to guide the reader through until the end with a conveyed sense of importance or sustainable meaning.    

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