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Rich Cline’s Lazy “Escape Plan” Disappoints

In response to Rich Cline’s 353‑word review of Escape Plan on

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At one point in his review, “Escape Plan Movie Review”, Rich Cline quips that “you could probably write this in your sleep”, and that’s seemingly what Cline has done here with a piece that utterly fails to inspire, delivering a work that’s staler than last Christmas’s fruitcake. It feels halfhearted and perfunctory, as if the only reason it exists is because wants to have a movie section and they asked Cline to write it in his spare time while watching TV.

Cline’s Escape Plan tepidly hits every obvious note in the book: the two leads, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, “are far too old to be playing these roles”, the script is “impossible to believe”, and the whole thing is “mindlessly overwrought”. His arguments are tired at best and just plain lazy.  

Even if there’s nothing else to harp on, it’s the critic’s job to come up with new ways to say it (or at least ways that are more insightful than your friends’ and neighbors’).  

Cline’s lethargic work here is like old, watery soup in the fridge: if it’s the only thing you’ve got eat, go for it, but if there’s anything else in the house, toss the soup and grab something fresher.     

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