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Leonard Maltin Just Misses His Own Mark in “The Counselor”

In response to Leonard Maltin’s 386‑word review of The Counselor on Leonard Maltin's Picks

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When you become a legend among film critics (or in any field, for that matter), the bar with which you’re judged gets raised and you’re expected to maintain or surpass it with every new work. This may or may not be fair, but that’s the case with a figure like Maltin, whose name has, next to Roger Ebert, become synonymous with movie reviews.

And while this review passes muster in general terms, Maltin’s name brings with it the expectation of greatness, but “The Counselor” falls just short of great.

Maltin brings his everyman style to bear here, never indulging in fake pomposity, instead opting for down to earth, working man prose and this plays to his strengths but it also leaves the reader wanting a little something meatier to bite into.

He calls the film out for being “a portentous tale of foolishness and fatalism, sprinkled with purple prose”, but most of the analysis only goes skin deep even though this is a film rife with opportunities to dig in.

If Maltin’s is the only review you read for The Counselor, you’re still in good hands, but this one just isn’t up to the lofty standards of one of the greats.    

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