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Unexpected Pleasures Appear in Ben Lowry’s Excellent “Escape Plan” Romp

In response to Andrew Lowry’s 380‑word review of Escape Plan on Total Film

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Andrew Lowry delivers yet another solid piece of work in “Escape Plan: Stallone. Schwarzenegger. Screws. Not like that,” a tight and matter-of-fact exploration of “neo-exploitation nonsense.”

The swift article, clocking in at a 380-word readtime, spends most of its time on abridgement—a minor complaint in some reviews, but noteworthy here for what it accomplishes. Lowry’s take is delightfully UK, with flourishes of biscuit tins and bastard wardens. Anglophiles, rejoice.

Not Like That avoids pessimism throughout, choosing to draw its audience’s attention to fun little vignettes and fist-pumping action sequences rather than missed opportunities. To Lowry’s credit, this is a winning strategy that will undoubtedly make it stand out against the glut of cynicism likely to accompany Escape Plan once more reviewmakers have their say.

In the third act, Not Like That affords a small gift to its audience, a foretaste of some “unexpected pleasures“—less a spoiler than a reflective little offering. It’s the perfect note to end on.

Where some reviewers obsessively conflate quantity and quality, Lowry understands his duty to his audience: to entertain, then to enlighten, and finally to give them a morsel to think about once they’re through.  Not Like That is one of those works that becomes better and better upon reflection—a very satisfying affair, indeed.    

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