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In “ENDER’S GAME,” Simon Abrams Finds Secrets, Earns Bonus Points

In response to Simon Abrams’s 691‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Simon Abrams’s “ENDER’S GAME” is a brilliant bit of detective work from this multifaceted author.

His insight is uncanny. Like a bloodhound catching the scent of a fox hones in on it with pinpoint accuracy, so does the author when he smells something not quite kosher. There is a significant amount of stench wafting around the subject matter to begin with.

But most has been mined, iterated and reiterated repeatedly across the multitude of offerings from his peers. Abrams, however, is somehow able to uncover fallacies that even the most seasoned authors would miss, such as inconsistencies between the subject and its source, and boasts made in the beginning that never come to fruition. Indeed, the audience will appreciate his sharp eye for detail as well as the valuable insight he provides.

This doggedness, so-to-speak, is reinforced by his ability to tie it in with the central theme in a way that is conversational and accessible. There are no frilly words here, no extraneous diversions to sway the reader’s focus—everything has a rhyme and reason, and is organized very logically and pragmatically. The transition flows naturally and smoothly, making the piece easy to get into and difficult to get out.

Such is the mark of a talented writer. Abrams has a gift that is demonstrated marvelously in “ENDER’S GAME” His meticulous and astute attention to detail combine with his natural charisma to create a wholly accessible textual delight that readers of every stripe will enjoy. He truly has a bright literary future ahead of him. And should that not work out, he has a promising future as a private investigator.    

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