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A. A. Dowd’s “Cloudy 2” Review Transcends With a Textbook Takedown

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The magnificent writing acumen of A. A. Dowd is on display with his latest review, “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.”

When one looks back on a review such as With A Chance, the most evocative aspect will certainly have to be the illustrious open. The 196-word introductory paragraph sets the stage for an immaculate analysis, and primes the reader with a powerful combination of wit and visuals.

The sublime second paragraph of equals its predecessor in vision with extraordinary tight sentences and razor-sharp insight on plot details. The imagination of Dowd is effectively transferred to the screen with social context and a remarkable drift of wording.

The final biting paragraph of is not only a flawless denouement, but also relevant to broader topics in life beyond film. In addition, Dowd’s commentary on the dialogue of animation films will connect with the reader, and make one re-examine their very ideals.

The writing skills of the critic are unforgettable, and immediately recognizable as an “A. A. Dowd Joint”. The commentary is often poignant, always poetic and perhaps the mark of a genius.

With A Chance transcends the idea of “a review”,  and magically breaks new ground with “an experience”. This is one review that will have to be read to be believed.    

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