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Chuck Koplinski’s “Welcome Improvement” Is Lost in the Shuffle

In response to Charles Koplinski’s 549‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Illinois Times

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Chuck Koplinksi produces a mildy-informative piece of art with “Catching Fire a welcome improvement in Hunger Games series (3 stars).” The review is sandwiched in between reviews for Dallas Buyers Club and Delivery Man, which may trouble maniacal fans of the franchise. The complete lack of images is somewhat disturbing, and CK doesn’t appear to fully understand the power of J-Law.

Koplinki begins Welcome Improvement with a sturdy thesis statement that conveys his satisfaction with the new and improved sequel. The critic also references the social themes of the film, and ties them into the current political troubles of our country. The greatest political-Katniss nerds will drool with excitement.

Welcome Improvement serves up several paragraphs of plot summary, and Koplinski then produces a highly satisfying paragraph on the direction of Francis Lawrence. One may feel in harmony with the critic as he explains what makes the sequel different in style, and also with the supporting cast.

Unfortunately, Koplinksi fizzles out rather quickly in Welcome Improvement with the concluding paragraphs. He seems eager to tackle Vince Vaughn’s Delivery Man, and quickly acknowledges the supporting cast before offering a well-written but thin commentary on Jennifer Lawrence. It’s all a bit formulaic, and one will certainly desire more Koplinki critique.

Welcome Improvement could be the title of Koplinski’s next creation, as he certainly could improve his review game.    

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