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Matt Pais’ “Evil Elves” Is Part of a Collective Aether of Film Criticism

In response to Matt Pais’s 390‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on RedEye,0,4935875.column

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Aether! It could destroy the universe! One could argue that Matt Pais’ horrific effort in “Thor: The Dark World review: Not the evil elves” is part of a collective Aether of film criticism that could take down the craft when combined with all the other sub-par efforts.

Evil Elves is all about entertainment, and Pais shows a  disconcerting lack of commitment to seriously improving the modern state of reviews.

The “Visneyland” pun in the introduction may be the highlight of Evil Elves. Pais shows a strong understanding of rhymes, and perhaps a lyrical review would be the way to go. Pai$. Let it begin, please, let the lyrical review begin. Until then, the work of the critic could be improved with a healthy dose of effort.

The commentary on Thor in Evil Elves consists of played-out jokes on the appearance of Chris Hemsworth. The latest round of reviews heavily rely on the looks of the character, which apparently now passes as analysis. Everyone enjoys a little fun, but Pais is unable to say anything meaningful even about Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

Evil Elves informs the reader that cameos are fun, and one may experience this sensation in the film. Direction? Alan Taylor offers “a few strong images,” and Pais explains that Kat Dennings is obnoxious. End of review.

Evil Elves struggles on many levels, and one should  read the work if only to marvel at the mediocrity.    

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