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Tom Long’s “Epic Well Played” Will Please Die Hards With Focus

In response to Tom Long’s 550‑word review of Ender’s Game on Detroit News

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Tom Long’s latest work, “Review: Ender’s Game is a sci-fi epic well played,” will please most by focusing on the lead, but is more of a description than critique.

Epic well played is much better than the recent work of Tom Long, and the critic shows a dedication to getting back on track. The writing is a bit awkward at times, but the work seems focused rather than trying to entertain with personality. One will be pleased by the drastic turnaround of Tom Long, and prepare for several Long epics to close out 2013.

The introduction of epic well played is powerful and doesn’t mess around with the reader. Long transitions nicely to brief but potent thoughts on the film before moving to plot summary.

Epic well played is essentially plot description, but it reads well and Long injects a little analysis along the way. The structure is pleasant, however some may wish that the critic could expand on the performances of Oscar-nominated actors such as Viola Davis and Hailee Steinfeld. To Long’s credit, he focuses on the lead performance, and offers up insight that will satisfy the general reader.

Epic well played is controlled and shows a commitment to the audience. The overall analysis is thin, but there is always tomorrow.    

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