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Mathew DeKinder’s “Hard Produce” Is a Quick Fix for Review Junkies

In response to Mathew DeKinder’s 552‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Suburban Journals of St. Louis

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Mathew DeKinder throws a twist on basic plot summary and mild critique in the entertaining “Review: Cast, director try hard, produce little with Out of the Furnace.” As always, DeKinder brings fire to the written word, however his lack of insight makes the piece only a quick fix for review junkies.

Hard Produce will please admirers of DeKinder-isms, but the sassy spouting of words is like a mask at one of those strange parties where you’re not sure who anyone is. What’s underneath the mask? Something real? DeKinder teases his reading guests, and makes them yearn for the days of old when critique would fry the brain (in a good way).

DeKinder notes that director Scott Cooper tries hard based on the full title of Hard Produce, but the critic fails to investigate the director’s techniques other than noting that sending Christian Bale’s character to the clink was a bad idea. The Deer Hunter is referenced (of course), but DeKinder stays clear of dropping Springsteen on the reader, which shows that he most likely hasn’t been lurking on other reviews.

Hard Produce is jolly and fun, but DeKinder focuses more on a ha-ha critique rather than  producing a WHOA-style review. Loyal DeKinderlings may celebrate, but Joe and Jane Q. Reader demand more.    

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