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Rafer Guzman’s “‘Gravity’ Review: ” Flies Near the Top

In response to Rafer Guzman’s 350‑word review of Gravity on Newsday

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Rafer Guzman’s “‘Gravity’ review: Special effects fly, characters don‘t” delivers a balanced review that analyzes plot movement, character development, and movie presentation. Caution: this review may induce eye focus, reader engagement, mild internal vibrations, and critical thought.

Guzman offers a rare combination of casual artistry and jaw-dropping assessment that is steady. He gets to the heart of relevant information and doesn’t leave the reader stuck in the mud or whirling around in pontification. Guzman’s writing voice is creamy at times, but he makes up for it with concise yet innovative expressions of insight in this short review of Gravity.

With a dash of philosophical heft and a nod toward the deeper symbolism of the film, Guzman takes the reader on a quick reading journey that is critically satisfying. Surrounded by a Gravity trailer and other relevant movie links, the presentation of the review is also quite acceptable. Below the review, the reader will find that Newsday has shown further attention to detail by offering an interesting excerpt of an interview about Gravity with director Cuaron from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

With a slightly stronger heartbeat, this review would be a masterpiece. As is, Guzman provides a compact read certainly acceptable for pre-movie watching.    

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