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Sam Woolf’s “Furnace Review” Is Fine Wine in a Room Full of $5 Bottles

In response to Sam Woolf’s 1122‑word review of Out of the Furnace on We Got This Covered

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Sam Woolf is a true gentleman and scholar in the extraordinary “Out Of The Furnace Review.” His latest piece of fine art is a joy to look at, and the outstanding display of the written word  is simply stunning.

Furnace Review is like a giant pool of insight, and all one needs to do is close their eyes and jump right into it. Let the Woolf guide you to the deepest and darkest waters of critique. Don’t be afraid.

Not only is the writing of Woolf flat-out spectacular in Furnace Review, but his commitment to character analysis will make one scream with joy. The analysis of Christian Bale’s performance immediately rises above the rest of the pack, and the piece is strengthened mightily by conveying why the actor’s work keeps the film above water. One may temporarily hold their breath while Woolf details out the specifics of Bale “at his devastating best,” and the dynamic prose only heightens the experience.

Furnace Review is solid across the board. Woolf refrains from offering only a plot summary and character rundown, but really gets down and dirty with details on the violence, and the sub-genre qualities of the film. It’s a hefty piece and well worth the read.    

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