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Adam Fendelman’s “Almost Passable” Is Devilish Fun

In response to Adam Fendelman’s 1021‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on

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Adam Fendelman’s “New ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is Almost Passable if You Haven’t Seen It, Unnecessary if You Have” pulls off a fun trick. It is not only a commentary on Romeo + Juliet (the new film version) itself, but a social commentary on the sort of person who might enjoy the film.

In doing this, Fendelman provides a devilishly entertaining takedown of the film, the ways in which it does not work, and why for some people that won’t matter anyway. While Almost Passable certainly has a cynical edge to it, it never crosses the line into being overly mean-spirited. Yes, he has some fun at the expense of “Twihards” and the premium they put on young beauty over any other qualities of a film, but he does so with the jocularity of a fun uncle rather than the bitterness of a sad dad.

Almost Passable gets a point deducted from it for presentation, though. It’s a little too busy, and the capitalization of the title is a little off. Still, it’s not a complete eyesore and those minor qualms do not detract from the fun.

Reviews of Shakespearean films always run the risk of being stuffy and pretentious, but Almost Passable is neither of those things. Its humorous edge makes it a true joy to read.    

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