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Adam Fendelman’s “Thor: The Dark World” Comes Up Short

In response to Adam Fendelman’s 1046‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Besides possibly needing a lesson in geography, HollywoodChicago’s Adam Fendelman could use a some writing tips in his review of the new Marvel cash cow, “Forced ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Sequel Lacks Passion, Sci-Fi Basis.”

The website is just one of a whole coterie of middling pages out there doing mediocre work and they’re all interchangeable; the only discernible difference is the “star” system. “I give this eight tornadoes out of eleven! No, I give it 10 rubber duckies out of 17.” You get the idea.  

They make no case for their existence and, sadly, this is the case with HollywoodChicago.

Not only do unforgivable grammatical and punctuational mistakes abound (one need only look at the first sentence), the writing is so disfigured, it makes a cacophonous din in the ear of the reader that distracts from any point that may lay hidden in the dense fog of prose.  

The critiques are more of the “I didn’t like this or that” variety. You know, the kind that makes no attempt to offer criticism based on objective standards or even explain why it feels one way or the other.

This one needs some journalistic standards and a copy of The Elements of Style to pass muster. Until then, take a pass.    

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