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Duane Dudek Has Genius Moments in “An Intimate Epic”

In response to Duane Dudek’s 433‑word review of Gravity on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Duane Dudek offers the reader several intriguing statements in “Movie Review: 3 1/2 stars—Gravity an intimate epic exploring space, humanity,” but walks off the stage just when the reader is gearing up for more.

An Intimate Epic opens with crisp, short sentences that are peppered on the reader and will excite the senses. It’s almost as if Dudek is saying, “Here. Think about this. Wait… I have another idea. Keep thinking, though.” It might be genius, or it could just be a group of words. Scholars will surely debate the fascinating open.

The plot summary of An Intimate Epic is brief, but described in such a dazzling way that readers will be thrown off their chair. The words chosen by the critic, and the way in which they are written, sound like a master wordsmith telling you the truth rather than offering an opinion. Sure, Dudek says very little about the plot itself, but his writing is unlike any other review currently available to the public. One may believe that Dudek has seen the future.

An Intimate Epic offers a few sentences about the directorial work of Alfonso Cuaron, and an interesting local anecdote, but not much else. However, in the conclusion, Dudek poses four, thought-provoking questions that end the review in a glorious way.     

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